Carlos Rafael Betancourt is a director, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles.

Cuban filmmaker and AFI Alumni based in Los Angeles, with over 10 years of experience in Film, Television and Commercials. Stylized Visuals, Magical Realism, Nature and Social Drama intertwine in my work, like jigsaw puzzles combining pieces from different boxes. Director of "The Last Rafter" Now streaming on HBO MAX and "Borrowed", produced by Tony, Emmy and Pulitzer Winners Broadway United.

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Carlos Rafael Betancourt behind the scenes of narrative film Borrowed


Produced by Emmy, Tony and Pulitzer Winners Jim Kierstead and William Fernandez



The filmmakers of Borrowed, who won acclaim and awards with their first film, 2020’s The Last Rafter, recruited its star, Héctor Medina, to play Justin for this thriller/romance. The movie, set to be released in coming months, explores queer generational divides, love, loss, fatherhood and ultimately forgiveness. The only problem for directors Carlos Rafael Betancourt and Oscar Ernesto Ortega? They couldn’t convince Del Arco, who is gay, to play David.

Los cineastas cubanos Carlos Rafael Betancourt y Oscar Ernesto Ortega vienen andando juntos desde los 15 años. El uno sabe bien quién es el otro. Oscar, asentado en Miami, dice sentir orgullo de la persona en la que se ha convertido Carlos. Carlos, desde Los Ángeles, asegura que nadie lo conoce mejor a la hora de trabajar.

Lovers of erotic thrillers, take note: the trailer for Borrowed, the new psychological drama from directors Carlos Rafael Betancourt and Oscar Ernesto Ortega (directors of The Last Rafter on HBO), has arrived. What begins as a casual hook-up quickly turns dark as both men share their secrets and engage in a psychological tug-of-war for dominance. 

The festival is launching LALIFF Connect, a portal that will show its 2020 program from May 5-31. Listed sponsors for the effort include Sony Pictures and the Writers Guild of America West. The features in this year's program include The Last Rafter, from directors Carlos Rafael Betancourt and Oscar Ernesto Ortega...

The festival kicked off with a retrospective of last year’s work, including movies by Latinos from around the world (including Brazil, Colombia, the U.S. and Mexico), which viewers can stream until May 4. The 2020 virtual edition will be held May 5-31...The program will include, among others, the feature film “The Last Rafter,” directed by Carlos Rafael Betancourt and Oscar Ernesto Ortega, which follows the journey of a Cuban man who risks his life, and deportation, looking for his long-absent father in Florida.

Just a few days ago I got to meet the crew behind The Last Rafter, a Miami-set film about an undocumented Cuban. They were very excited about showing their film at the Miami Film Festival, knowing this would be a tough yet welcoming crowd for a film like theirs that openly talks about the end of the ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy as well as the homophobia that was rampant in Cuba following the revolution. After premiering it at the festival soon after, I saw them again. They were giddy because of its reception and they already had several sold out shows to look forward to this weekend.